Missed Out on Kmart’s Trending Mushroom Lamp? Here Are 7 Alternatives

Missed Out on Kmart’s Trending Mushroom Lamp? Here Are 7 Alternatives
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Ah, yes. The Kmart mushroom lamp, you might have seen it popping up all over TikTok or on everyone’s Instagram story (just like sunset lamps circa 2020). It’s had a real decor moment among influencers and interior design queens alike. If you haven’t been privy to this glorious piece of decor, a mushroom lamp is exactly what it sounds like, a little funghi-shaped light. Most of them have a real whimsical ’70s vibe and illuminate completely once you switch them on.

Whether you’re looking to add a little something to your barren bedside table or to jazz up your lounge room, these mushroom lamps are a quirky addition to any home. And as such, we’ve rounded up seven of them so that you can find your new favourite fungi.

Modern Glass Mushroom, $56.99

mushroom lamp
Image: Amazon.

This little handblown mushroom lamp is a ’70s twist on the white Kmart mushie lamp, so if your room’s aesthetic calls for it, it makes for the perfect addition to any side table. It also comes in two other colourways — baby blue and pink.

You can buy the Modern Glass Mushroom ($56.99) from Amazon here.

Prettyia Smooth Lamp, $54.26

Image: Amazon.

If yellow’s not your vibe, this pastel pink shroom lamp from Prettyia is a real vibe. It’s powered via a USB port so that you can plug it in pretty much anywhere around your home. Plus, given it’s under $55, it’s super affordable.

You can buy the Prettyia Smooth Lamp ($54.26) from Amazon here.

FGART Mushroom Table Lamp, $399

mushroom lamp
Image: Amazon.

Looking for a more modern vibe? This gold lamp from Amazon is equal parts elegant and art deco in design. Made to live on marble countertops, this little shroom lamp will instantly brighten up your table space and give your home a luxe feel while doing it.

You can buy the FGART Mushroom Table Lamp ($399) from Amazon here.

Sinyzope Baby Mushroom Lamp, $89.25

Image: Amazon.

Now for the alternative you’ve all been waiting for. If you’re after a very similar dupe to the Kmart stripey white lamp, here it is. While it’s not $35, it’s still under that $100 mark. Oh, and Amazon slings discounts left, right and centre, so we recommend keeping a lookout for a bargain.

To quote a line from our favourite shroom reviewer: “I would lay down my life for my baby shroom!! Such a gorgeous lamp, top tier quality, and creates a lovely ambience.” *adds to cart*

You can buy the Sinyzope Baby Mushroom Lamp ($89.25) from Amazon here.

Portable Wireless Mushroom Lamp, $58.64

mushroom lamp
Image: Amazon.

This baby is a modern spin on a classic mushroom lamp and looks chic on any hallway or coffee table. It’s also got a three-level brightness button dimmer, so you can customise the level of light you need in your room at any given time.

You can buy the Portable Wireless Mushroom Lamp ($58.64) from Amazon here.

Mushroom Disco Ball, $39.89

Image: Amazon.

Now, these aren’t your traditional mushroom lamps, but insanely cool nonetheless. Think: if you can’t go to the party, at least bring the party to you.

You can buy the Mushroom Disco Ball ($39.89) from Amazon here.

COSH Table Lamp, $69.95

mushroom lamp
Image: Freedom.

If you like the mushroom shape, but you’re after something a little more modern and sleek, this shroom lamp from Freedom is a good fit. It comes in five different colours — forest green, warm rust, white, grey (pictured) and black — and will only set you back around $70! Cheap and cheerful, we like it.

You can buy the COSH Table Lamp ($69.95) from Freedom here.


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