How to Take Care of Leather

How to Take Care of Leather

As a new owner of a fine leather sofa, I am constantly worried about keeping it in pristine condition. Should I sit on it? What if I spill something? How can I keep it from flaking? So, here are the tips I’ve learned to take care of leather that would make Tobias Fünke proud.

In the event that you need to clean your leather sofa (or any leather piece of furniture), first vacuum up any crumbs or loose dust with your handheld vacuum’s brush attachment. Then wipe the surface down with a clean, dry cloth. If you notice small scratches on your leather, you can run your clean finger along them. The natural oils in your fingers can help to smooth over the scratches.

If you spilled something on the sofa (my biggest fear!), use a manufacturer-approved leather cleaner and follow the instructions. The internet is filled with all sorts of DIY solutions — literally solutions with vinegar and other household items — but don’t risk your expensive tanned goods with those concoctions. To be extra safe, test out a small spot of your new cleaner on a hidden part of your furniture to make sure it won’t damage or leave any marks behind. To keep your leather from flaking, make sure it’s out of direct sunlight and away from heaters or radiators, which can damage the finish.

For smaller leather goods like bags or briefcases, maintain their shape by stuffing with a clean towel. Then place them in a cool dry place in a dust bag, which will protect the surface for years. Finally, for leather jackets, make sure to keep them on thick, sturdy hangers to hold their shape and structure, preventing any divots or creases. For these leather-caring tips and more, check out the video above.

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