The Best Furniture Fabric When You Have Pets

The Best Furniture Fabric When You Have Pets

When you have pets, you have to be careful with furniture. Your sofa or armchair can easily turn into a giant scratching post or hair magnet — and the upholstery fabric you choose can make a big difference.

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Some fabric is more pet-friendly than others, Apartment Therapy points out. They share a a few of their best options for furniture fabric when you have pets. A couple of them include:

Consider Synthetic Fibre (Ultrasuede/Microfibre): It’s not always easy to get excited about this choice aesthetically (that said, there are always exceptions, especially if the shape of the sofa or chair is super-stylish), but it’s about as close to “pet proof” as you can get. Cats don’t seem to like scratching it (especially if there is a scratching post nearby) and even if they try, it’s easy to brush away, if it even shows up. Cleaning is easy too, especially if the upholstery code is “W”: you can use a simple solution of soap and water.

Lots to Love with Leather: The allure of leather is that it is mostly resistant to odour and it doesn’t attract pet hair. If by chance some actually happens to find its way onto the cushions, it wipes off easily with a dust cloth. Cats seem to avoid leather as long as there is a scratching post nearby, and if your dog leaves a scratch you can usually buff it out. If it’s an option, choose distressed leather, it will draw less attention to scratches and scuffs.

They suggest staying away from tweed, which can trap the hair in its weave. Of course, pets and their habits vary, so your mileage will, too. But each of these suggestions offers some valid points to consider. Check out the full post for yourself at the link below.

Best Upholstery Fabric Options for Cat & Dog Owners [Apartment Therapy]


  • Microfiber and leather are the two best options when it comes to the sofa fabric. But I think leather will ourclass microfiber. As you said leather is resistant to bad odors and also they dint attract pet hairs. I have a doggie.-Tiger. Till now I didn’t face any problem with him on the leather sofa I have.
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