Create the Perfect At-Home Bar With These Essential Liquors and Mixers

Create the Perfect At-Home Bar With These Essential Liquors and Mixers
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There’s nothing fancier than having your own cocktail bar. Whether it’s a decked out, whiz-bang physical bar in a room downstairs or just a decorative trolley in your living room, having a go-to option in the comfort of your own home provides not only a great social area but somewhere to relax after a long day of work.

To help you set up your very own fabulous cocktail bar, we’ve compiled a list of the perfect mixers and liquors essential for you to stock up on.




Perfect for a straight vodka lime and soda or a vodka martini, vodka is a must-have in any home cocktail bar.

Try Absolut Vodka from Liquorland for $60.



Another firm favourite. Nothing beats a gin and tonic after a long day. It can also be made into a Gin Martini. Shaken, not stirred.

Try Bombay Sapphire from Liquorland $49.



Having a Mexican night? You need to Tequila to make a Margarita. Simple.

Try Jose Cuervo from Vintage Cellars $46.



Rum is most commonly served with coke, but can also be served on the rocks.

Try Bundaberg Rum from First Choice $55.


Johnny Walker

Another beverage to serve on ice, you can also make a Whiskey Sour cocktail.

Try Johnnie Walker Red Label from First Choice $54.



If you like something a little sweeter, adding a variety of liqueurs to your bar is a great option for something different.

Liqueurs such as Amaretto, Coffee Liqueur, dry and sweet Vermouth, Irish Cream Liqueur, Orange liqueur, Chambord, Crème de Cacao and Crème de Menthe.

You can purchase a variety of liqueurs from Liquorland.


lemon and lime bitters

Apart from lemon, lime, olives, maraschino cherries and salt on hand, the following mixers are a must-have in any home bar.

    Soda Water is perfect for straight vodka or gin lime and soda, angostura bitters for an alcoholic lemon lime and bitters and tonic water to add to your G&T.

    You may also like to add juices such as orange, tomato (for a Bloody Mary) and apple juice.

    Try Angostura Bitters from Liquorland.

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