Beyond Meat’s Plant-Based Meatballs Are Heading to Australia

Beyond Meat’s Plant-Based Meatballs Are Heading to Australia
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In recent years a wide variety of vegan products have popped up in supermarkets, but one brand that is notable all around the world is Beyond Meat.

Beyond Meat’s plant-based meat substitute is used to make a huge range of tasty products and is even rolling out in McDonald’s burgers overseas. Here in Australia, however, we have a new Beyond Meat product to look forward to on supermarket shelves.

Beyond Meatballs have arrived in Australia

Beyond Meat has announced it will be bringing its iconic plant-based meatballs to Australia.

The Beyond Meatballs will be available exclusively in Coles supermarkets and you can find them on shelves right now.

Beyond Meatballs promise a juicy, meaty taste and texture but consist of absolutely no meat. They are made entirely from GMO-free plant-based ingredients like peas and brown rice. They are also free from soy and gluten but are packed with 19g of protein.

Beyond Meatballs are pre-seasoned with a blend of Italian spices and are rolled and ready to cook upon purchasing. It could not get any easier than that.

$15 will grab you a pack of 12 at over 300 Coles stores, nationwide. You can also find Beyond Meat’s burger patties at Coles for $11.

This release is impeccable timing because meatballs are a divine gift during winter. Pasta and meatballs, meatball subs, meatball salads – the possibilities for warm winter foods are endless and you’ll find no shortage of recipes over at Beyond Meat’s website.

If you’d rather a Beyond Meat meal is served to you instead of cooking it there are a few places you can find them in the wild.

While the McDonald’s/Beyond Meat McPlant burger isn’t a thing in Australia yet, you can find Beyond patties at many burger joints around town. Grill’d, Ribs and Burgers, Soulburger, and Lord of the Fries all offer beyond meat plant-based options for your takeaway enjoyment.

If you’re looking for some dessert to have with your new plant-based meatballs here are some sweet vegan options you can find in your local supermarket.

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