Try This Frozen Applesauce Instead of Expensive Dog Ice Cream

Try This Frozen Applesauce Instead of Expensive Dog Ice Cream
Photo: Kathleen Kelly

Dogs love treats, and humans love giving dogs treats because we like seeing our dogs happy and excited. Not all treats, however, are created equal. Some, like table scraps that contain a lot of salt and fat, are not good for your pooch; and some, like those little dog-specific “ice cream” cups, are very expensive. Frozen applesauce is neither of these things.

Frozen, unsweetened applesauce is a cost effective treat that keeps your dog occupied much longer than an unfrozen treat does. Most dogs — and there are always exceptions — have to take their time with a frozen food rather than scarf the whole thing down in a couple of bites. Plus it’s cool and refreshing, which is nice in the heat for a creature covered in fur that doesn’t sweat.

Photo: Kathleen Kelly Photo: Kathleen Kelly

You can buy a big jar and dollop it out into a big rock ice cube tray, or you can buy a pack of individual cups and pop ‘em in the ice box for a perfectly portioned, ice cream-style presentation. I like the little cups — I find the container helps slow the rate of consumption — but keep an eye on your pup to make sure they don’t get too carried away and eat the plastic. (If this is problem or concern, you can run some warm water over the back of the cups and pop out the frozen applesauce, or just make some cubes and serve them in their food bowl.)

No matter how you serve it, make sure the sauce you choose is unsweetened — the ingredients list should contain apples, water, and maybe a little ascorbic acid (vitamin C) — and never give your dog anything that contains any artificial sweeteners, which can cause life-threatening drops in blood sugar and kidney failure. Also remember that these are treats. (Your dog may be perfectly happy to eat a meal of 100% frozen apple sauce, but it might upset their stomachs a little.)

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