How to Make a Cheesy Inside-Out Omelette, TikTok’s Latest Obsession

How to Make a Cheesy Inside-Out Omelette, TikTok’s Latest Obsession

We are here to bring you yet another food sensation that is gripping the TikTok nation. This time it’s the inside out omelette, which is exactly what it sounds like but even more delicious than your typical omelette, so it seems.

The inside-out omelette trend

Coming from @feelgoodfoodie on TikTok, this recipe is an unconventional yet awesome-looking take on the omelette. It’s basically just an excuse to add even more cheese to your omelette, with an even better than expected result.


Crispy inside out omelette! Such a great low carb breakfast and you can top with any ant veggies! #learnontiktok #eggbreakfast #insideoutomelette

♬ original sound – Feel Good Foodie


How to make an inside-out omelette

The inside-out or “reverse” omelette isn’t that different to making a regular omelette, it just turns out extra crispy.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Layer shredded cheese on the base of your frypan or skillet.
  2. Pour two whisked eggs over the layer of cheese.
  3. Season with herbs and any other ingredients you want to add to your omelette.
  4. Fold it over to discover a super crispy cheese coating.

Some insider tips suggest you use a non-stick pan or spray it with some oil to ensure the cheese won’t get stuck. A huge part of the omelette is the flip and you can’t pull that off if your cheese has become one with your pan.

Also, make sure the cheese has enough time to melt a bit before adding the whisked eggs. Eating Well suggests doing this after the cheese melts but before it starts to darken.

Omelettes are also great for their versatility and plenty of TikTok users have experimented with this new trend. Try adding a bunch of different ingredients to perfect your omelette like ham, bacon, onions, tomatoes, spinach or different types of shredded cheese for the bottom layer.

Look, it’s nothing mind-blowing in terms of cooking originality, but everything seems new when it takes off on TikTok.

If you’re looking for other omelette tips, did you know you can add pancake batter to your mix to get an even fluffier result?

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