How to Reverse Park Your Car Like a Pro [Infographic]

How to Reverse Park Your Car Like a Pro [Infographic]

Drivers who reverse parallel park their cars without even thinking about it are the target of my envy. For me, and others in a similar situation, it’s a prolonged nightmare where every turn of the wheel does the opposite of what you were expecting. Meanwhile, multiple bystanders are watching your attempts in a mixture of amusement and pity. To them I say, keep the snickering to yourself.

Fortunately, it’s possible to correct your shocking parking antics by following a few simple tips. This infographic explains how to pull off three types of parking on your first attempt, every time.

The trick is knowing when to turn and what to use for reference points while reversing. The infographic below from UK car dealership T W White & Sons explains how it’s done. (In short: line up the back of your car with the car you intend to park behind, then fully turn the wheel towards the curb and start reversing. Stop moving backwards when you see the right corner of the car behind you in the middle of your rear view mirror and turn the wheel away from the curb and finish reversing.)

In addition to reverse parallel parking, the graphic also contains tips on front and reverse bay parking. Practice with some Tonka toys and then hit the nearest car park to try out your new skills.

[Via T W White & Sons]

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