Drew Barrymore Is Here to Help You Clean Out Your Closet

Drew Barrymore Is Here to Help You Clean Out Your Closet

The arrival of a new season is always a good excuse to give the casa a solid once over. We’re well past the new year, new me phase which means many of our cleanliness goals have fallen apart.

Have you kept those drawers in order? How consistent have you been with your weekly dust? Don’t worry, we’ve all become a little flexible with our new year’s intentions, I’m sure.

Even Drew Barrymore (yes, the actress) is struggling with keeping her house tidy right now. Barrymore recently took to Instagram to share her attempt at a ‘spring clean’ and it’s about as wholesome a video as they come.

In the clip, Barrymore tells audiences:

“I am a woman on the edge.”

“I am going to Marie Kondo my life. I am going to do spring cleaning and hope that it gives me a sense of control because this is the only thing I can control, and everything feels out of control, and control is bumper rails and hopefully leads to boundaries and safety.”

She continued, “If I can get that out of cleaning the main closet, then how exciting is that? Happy spring cleaning. May it bring whatever you are looking for.”

Now, the video is a light-hearted little laugh where Barrymore is using fabric storage boxes to get her closet sorted. Which, isn’t a half-bad idea, honestly.

But more than that, her suggestion that cleaning helps with a sense of control and mental clarity is actually kind of spot on.

How does cleaning help with my mental health?

Studies actually indicate that a cluttered home can lead to increased feelings of depression and anxiety (particularly in women).

Navya Mysore, M.D., a family physician and medical director at One Medical in New York City spoke to Shape Magazine about this, sharing that a messy space – a messy work station in particular – “can increase your sense of stress and anxiety by leading you to feel more overwhelmed”.

Additionally, the physical proponent of cleaning is a natural mood booster.

Dr Mysore continued:

“When you are cleaning, you are more physically active and increased movement can help uplift your mood in general.”

She went on to explain that sprucing up your home is an example of self-care, pointing to the example of clean sheets encouraging better sleep and a tidy kitchen inviting healthy cooking.

So, in short: make like Barrymore and get a tidying.

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