How to Prevent the Dreaded Leg Chafe This Summer

How to Prevent the Dreaded Leg Chafe This Summer
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Summer is well and truly here which can only mean one thing – the dreaded leg chafe. If you’re a fan of going to the beach, enjoying outdoor water sports or just walking around, you could be staring down the barrel of some very sore legs. If you’ve ever felt your inner thighs rub together and tried to pray the incoming chafe away, you’ve come to the right place.

Basically, it’s caused by excessive skin-on-skin contact or fabric-on-skin contact, the friction causes irritation, dryness or blistering. It’s also worsened by moisture, which is why it’s more common in the summer or post-swims. You can get it anywhere that is more sweat-prone or where the skin is thinner — nipples, yes nipples, underarms, chest, groin and thighs. 

While you might consider chafing to be a short-term problem that usually goes away after a day or so, if you get it often enough, you can cause damage to your skin barrier, which can make you even more prone to chafing in the future. 

That said, there are a few preventative measures you can take, like anti-chafing shorts and creams, to help protect your little drumsticks from leg chafe. 

1. Anti-chafing shorts

Modibodi have developed seam-free, leak-proof anti-chafing shorts, so you walk around all summer friction-free. The shorts sit at mid-thigh and made with a super-soft blend of materials that sit seamlessly beneath any outfit. They also double as period shorts so you can even avoid chafing when you’re on your period. You can buy this nifty invention here

2. Stay as dry as possible

While it’s easier said than done in summer, the more you can avoid sweating and washing saltwater off after swimming, the better. This helps to remove the friction from between your thighs which we know causes chafe. You can also dab a little powder on your inner thighs if you know you’re going to be walking long distances or for a run. The powder acts as a drying barrier and eases the friction. 

3. Prevent excess sweating while exercising

If you’re going to work out, try doing it indoors in the AC to avoid sweating like a demon and ending up with painful chafe. Also, opt for sweat-wicking fabrics when it comes to workout clothes to minimise excess moisture. You could even workout in the anti-chafing shorts we mentioned earlier. 

4. Lube up

Yes, you read that correctly. If you’re wearing a skirt or short shorts and don’t have any kind of fabric barrier, you can also apply a chafing cream or healing ointment to help minimise friction. We like Bullet & Bone’s Protect and Care Anti-Chafe Cream ($27.99) or this handy Anti-Cafe Stick ($24.71). 

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