How to get Domino’s New Sausage Sizzle Pizza Before Everyone Else

How to get Domino’s New Sausage Sizzle Pizza Before Everyone Else
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In perhaps the most Australian news we’ve heard all year, Domino’s has announced that it will be introducing a new take on an Aussie classic to its customers: the Sausage Sizzle Pizza.

Step aside, Bunnings sausage sizzle, there’s a new kid on the block. (I’m kidding, please don’t take Bunnings snags away from us.)

In a statement on the new pizza flavour, the fast-food joint shared that the limited edition Sausage Sizzle Pizza features “tasty BBQ beef sausage, grilled onion and stretchy mozzarella on a classic pizza base, topped with none other than the Aussie combo of tomato sauce and mustard”.

Don’t tell my Nonna, but am I ridiculous for thinking this sounds kind of great?

Anyway. The new pizza flavour is set to drop into Domino’s restaurants on Monday, January 25. It’s priced at $7.95 for pick up or can be ordered with Domino’s $15 Any Pizza Delivered deal.

If you’re too hungry to wait, however, Domino’s has shared something of a hack on their TikTok account, showing pizza fans how to get their mouths around this pie early.

The video shared that if you hop onto the Domino’s app (it has to be on the app) and click on the Dominos logo at the bottom of the page. Once you click on the logo, a pop-up menu will appear with a ‘Secret Menu’ option. In that menu, you’ll see the Sausage Sizzle Pizza available to order right the hell now.

Check out the full video here:



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