The Most Supportive Pillows To Ensure You Get A Decent Night’s Sleep

The Most Supportive Pillows To Ensure You Get A Decent Night’s Sleep
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If you’re never able to enjoy a good night’s sleep due to intense neck pain, it’s high time you invested in a decent neck support pillow. Good sleep is foundational to your health and mental wellbeing, but for many of us, we just get by on simple cheap pillows because they’re already there.

If you’ve got neck issues – whether that’s waking up with a sore or stiff neck, or any ongoing problems – those pillows are probably not good enough.That’s where choosing a good pillow to support your neck is vital. In some cases you may be recommended a specific pillow type by a health professional familiar with your individual circumstances. As always, listen to what the specialists tell you, but for the rest of us there’s no absolute hard and fast rule as to what makes a “good” neck pillow or a “bad” one.

It can depend on your other existing health issues, your age, and even the way you choose to sleep.

So it can be a question of trying different pillow types, styles and heights to find the right pillow for you. Just because you find a particular pillow best for your comfort doesn’t mean that your partner or significant other will do likewise, so you may need to purchase differing pillows to ensure you’re both sleeping right.

Also, even if you are keeping specific pillows, or just not updating them right now, remember to wash the pillow cases frequently, because they can be utterly horrifying breeding grounds for bacteria and mould.

Best Neck Support Pillows

PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow with Jersey Cover $69.99
No, you don’t have to be pregnant – or even capable of getting pregnant – to get some benefit out of a larger pregnancy pillow when it comes to supporting your neck. If you find you wake up sore because you constantly roll off your smaller pillow, it could be a really solid option. Plus, of course, if you are pregnant and sleep is a challenge, it’s designed specifically to meet your needs.

Memory Foam Orthopedic Sleeping Pillow $29.76
Support for your neck and shoulders is key in a comfortable neck pillow, so there’s a solid argument for a memory foam pillow that works to your shape, not against it. The contour of this pillow is claimed specifically for those with neck, back or shoulder pain, and it comes with its own velvet hypoallergenic pillowcase as an added bonus.

Trekology Ultralight Inflatable Camping Travel Pillow $18.99
From time to time you’re not going to be able to sleep in your own bed, and that’s where having an inflatable travel pillow might make the difference between a good night’s sleep or an awful one. Even at home there could be scope for improvement with an inflatable pillow, because they’re quite logically the easiest to adjust to give more or less lift to your neck and shoulders to meet your own specific needs.

Viktor Jurgen Neck and Back Massager Pillow $114
While it’s built for strapping to a chair, you could also use the Viktor Jurgen Neck and Back Massager Pillow as part of your nighttime sleep routine. Not to sleep on overnight, but possibly to relax your neck before you then shift to a softer pillow as you drift off to sleep.

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