How To Find The Right Pillow For You

How To Find The Right Pillow For You

Your pillow can make all the difference between a good night’s rest and pain (both the morning after and possibly longer). To get the perfect pillow, consider your sleeping style – whether you sleep on your back, side or stomach.

Lifestyle blog Lifescript says, in general, this is the ideal pillow:

The right support is medium firm and not too thick. It keeps your head and neck in a line, as if you were standing up.

For specific sleeping styles:

  • Back sleepers should look at memory foam, because it moulds to the neck’s curve, or a water pillow, which has consistent support. A pillow under your knees can help your lower back.
  • Side sleepers may also benefit from sleeping with a pillow between their knees: It helps improve spinal alignment. Look for a medium-firm pillow that supports the space under your neck when lying down.
  • Sleep on your stomach? Unfortunately, your sleeping style isn’t recommended at all, because of the stress on your lower back and potential for neck pains. Try sleeping with a giant body pillow in front of you to give you a similar feeling.

Check out the article for more detailed advice on which pillows to buy (you’re supposed to replace your pillow every 4-5 years, apparently), including which pillow to look for if you have health issues like neck pain.

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