5 Laptop Stands for Every WFH Setup

5 Laptop Stands for Every WFH Setup
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Working from home has forced us to get pretty inventive when it comes to desk space. If you keep finding yourself putting your laptop precariously on a pile of books, you can do much better with a top-quality laptop stand. Here’s what to look for when choosing the best one for your WFH space.

Sure, it’s inherent in the name “laptop” that you can place your personal computer on your lap when working from home. Let’s be honest, chances are you’ve done it more than once. But it’s a quick recipe to a sore neck from craning downwards for hours, or uncomfortably hot or pressured legs depending on the make and model of your computer.

It’s far more efficient for both your health and your laptop to sit on a stand, because you can then adjust it to work to your proper eye level, give it sufficient ventilation and make it easier to use external peripherals like a really nice ergonomic keyboard or mouse.

Now, if you’re particularly keen you can always opt for a DIY stand, but you are limited by your skills and your available materials there. If you’d rather select a stand that’s professionally built, here’s a range of options to consider:

Nexstand Travel Laptop Stand $20.38 A laptop stand can help you work from home but it doesn’t have to be limited to just your own domicile. Nexstand’s laptop stand is designed to fold down for easy travel storage, so you can use it when you’re working on the go as long as you’ve got a flat surface. Its 226g carrying weight won’t unduly add to your luggage capacity either.

ViPowermate Aluminum Adjustable Stand $21.99 ViPowermate’s Aluminium stand, like many others, pitches itself at the MacBook crowd, but with so many other silver ultrabooks it’s not as though you can’t use it universally. It states it’s good for up to 20kg, which is one seriously heavy laptop – and more relevantly, an indication that it should be a nicely durable bit of kit.

Soundance LS1 Silver Aluminum Laptop Stand $47.01 Soundance’s LS1 isn’t a complex laptop stand, but it could be a good option if you want a stand that doesn’t – pun not intended – stand out, because it’s a simple aluminium ledge with a loop for the stand part that raises any laptop sitting on it by six inches at default. Yes, you don’t get adjustable angles – but that also means you’ll never have to deal with the adjustable part breaking and watching your laptop sink down either.

AstiVita 100% Bamboo Laptop/Computer Foldable Desk and Stand $56.99  Most laptop stands are solid metal – typically aluminium frames – but if that doesn’t suit your style or environmental outlook, consider AstiVita’s Bamboo stand. It’s designed to work at regular or standing desks, and intelligently incorporates a hidden drawer underneath the stand that you could use for storing connection cables or other small items.

Razer Laptop Stand Chroma $141.50 If you want a laptop stand that’s not only built for elevation but also intimidation factor, consider Razer’s Laptop Stand Chroma. If you’re at all familiar with Razer’s gaming gear, you’ll be able to predict that it’s got Razer’s RGB Chroma lighting built in, but also three extra USB ports, making it a good fit for any additional peripherals – not just gaming gear – you might need to work from home.

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