How to Build the Perfect Mason Jar Salad

How to Build the Perfect Mason Jar Salad

The mason jar is a trend for the ages. Who knew you could do so many things with one cylindrical jar?

It’s true mason jars have been used for everything from food containers to desk accessories. But if you’re just stumbling across the mason jar phenomenon, you should know that they make meal prep easy and office lunches particularly exciting.

First up, you’ll obviously need a mason jar. These are pretty easy to find at your local department or kitchen store. Next, you’ll need your food ingredients of choice. Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered.

How to build your mason jar salad

Mason jar salads are an easy way to spice up your salads and the best part is you can just throw all of your favourite ingredients together. But the order of your build is very important.

Start by putting your salad dressing at the bottom, followed by hard vegetables like carrots or grains. Then softer items like corn or fruit and protein come after that. And on the top go your leafy greens.

If you’d like a visual representation, check out this guide from Real Simple.

You can do the same thing with fruit, as well!

Easy salad jar recipes

You can basically put anything you want into your mason jar salad. But if you want to go next level with your lunch, here are some simple recipe ideas to get you inspired:

They look so delicious it actually makes you feel excited to eat a salad.

Shake your mason jar

After all that hard work, don’t forget to shake up your mason jar. Preserving the ingredients in careful layers is important while you’re storing them in the fridge. But once its eating time, its fair game.

With the lid on, shake up your jar to let the dressing seep through the layers. Once you get through the top section of your jar, mixing up the other ingredients becomes a lot easier, too.

Mason jars are the perfect way to inspire you to eat salad. You can put in all your favourite ingredients and mix them up, or build them in a nice colour-coordinated fashion.

They’re an easy meal prep option while also being aesthetically pleasing – what more could you want?

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