Can You Clean Your Entire Oven With a Lemon?

Can You Clean Your Entire Oven With a Lemon?

Remember the beginning of quarantine when we were all baking bread and doing big cooking projects for dinner every night?

This is a great opportunity to clean your trusty baking machine. We were intrigued by this account out of Australia that claims you can clean your entire oven ” walls, door, shelves ” using just a lemon. (Or, as the post calls it, a “LEMON”.)

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For this Hack or Wack, we are pleased to introduce our new co-host, Tahsin, who actually just moved into a house with a brand new oven that doesn’t even need cleaning. So she talked me through the method in the article (which calls specifically for a pink rag) while I got down and dirty with my gas range. (Writer’s note: It is very hard to find synonyms for the word “oven”.)

So does it work? Or is this an anomaly only found in the southern hemisphere? Check out the video above to find out.