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How to Choose the Best Face Mask for Exercise

It’s not always fun to exercise in a mask, but sometimes you have to. If you’re potentially going to come close to other people as you work out, or if you’ll be working out indoors, the mask is a must. So let’s talk about how to pick an appropriate mask,…

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Financial Advice From Your Parents to Ignore

In the time of coronavirus, there is some money advice that no longer applies. Our parents’ generation may have passed down rules of thumb with good intentions — but some of these pearls of wisdom may not fit the challenges of the modern era, so here are some common rules…

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How to Make the Most of Limited Gym Time

Maybe you have to sign up for a time slot at your gym, when you used to be able to mosey on in anytime you liked. Maybe they kick you out after an hour so they can clean. Or maybe your gym is operating as usual, but you’d rather limit…