How to Clean All Your Kitchen Tools

How to Clean All Your Kitchen Tools
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When’s the last time you cleaned your can opener? No really, go check. I’ll wait.

Well, it has far too long. I bet your can opener, and many other often-used kitchen tools are just filthy. Luckily, we have a new video guide to cleaning some of the trickiest gadgets in your kitchen.

To clean the can opener, soak it gears-down in white vinegar for 2-5 minutes, then scrub it with a toothbrush and dish soap. Make sure to get in all the gears, as they could easily have a build-up of oil and rust.

To clean your cheese grater (or, as it has been called, the sponge destroyer), dip half a lemon in salt, and grate. Then carefully run a soapy sponge against the grain of the grater (to protect that precious sponge).

When cleaning a blender, don’t risk cutting your fingers against the blades. Instead, fill it halfway with hot water and dish soap. Run the blender for a few seconds to loosen everything up inside, and then rinse.

If you have rusty kitchen shears, wet the blades and sprinkle on some Bar Keepers Friend. Form a paste and let it sit for one minute, then scrub off and rinse. The rust will be gone!

Finally, to clean a whisk — probably the trickiest item in the kitchen — just fill a bowl with warm soapy water… and whisk! You just saved yourself a ton of sink time.

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