Supercharge Kitchen Duties With A Power Drill

Supercharge Kitchen Duties With A Power Drill

A cordless drill is probably not something you would imagine being useful in a kitchen, but Make Projects shows us how handy it can be. It turns out a drill can help you clean dirty pans, and you can even use it as a mixer, cheese grater and pepper mill attachment.

If you need a mixer, all you have to do is attach your whisk to the drill and you’re good to go. Drill a hole in a large binder clip to create a clamp for a dish sponge, and then attach it to the drill with a nut and bolt for supercharged dish-scrubbing. While a power drill in the kitchen is probably overkill for most people, it’s still a fun way to spice up your cooking or as an emergency mixer when yours suddenly breaks. Check out the post on Make Projects for the full guide.

Making Cooking More Fun by Adding Power Tools [Make Projects via Laughing Squid]


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