Sorry, But There’s Only One Way to Eat Fairy Bread

Sorry, But There’s Only One Way to Eat Fairy Bread

A Reddit user may have naively posted a ‘fine dining’ photo of a fairy bread treat, but it’s lit up a fiery flame among some hardcore fans of this much-loved Aussie snack.

It’s an absolute abomination, this fairy bread picture, and it’s divided the nation aka Reddit thread quite rightly so.

Fairy bread

There’s only one side I’m taking — cut your damn fairy bread into triangles you heathens. But wait, that’s me getting ahead of myself (I’m all fired up too you see). Here’s what went down.

Reddit user u/Pokemaniacgaming posted what seems like a grim resemblance to the OG unicorn toast. If you’re a true fairy bread believer, you’ll know what’s wrong with the image. If you can’t figure it out, you’ve got some major soul searching to do my friend.

Why are we seeing FULL slices of bread?!?!

Fairy bread should always, and I repeat, always be cut up in triangles. Not squares, not circles, and they should definitely not be served as full slices of bread. Other Reddit users would agree.

Ape_in_outer_space: Triangles! This needs to be triangles. I was trying to figure out why this looked so wrong to me. I just weirdly can’t imagine it tasting right if it’s not in triangle form.

BleedingShaft: Even Squares would be acceptable. Fuck Rectangle halves though. If you are going to halve it at least have the common courtesy and decency to cut it diagonally.

Armchairidiot: You have to cut fairy bread into triangles. That’s just a standard. When they are in triangles the crust acts as a support so the bread doesn’t flop and spill excess sprinkles everywhere (because of there aren’t excess sprinkles you’re doing it wrong). You don’t have to eat them, but they make a convenient handle for moving them about, particularly in these covid times.

ifucantfightuseguns: Not cut into triangles. Traitor.

If you’re going to leave the crust on, can you please cover the edges at least?

Yes, I do have OCD but also, what’s the point of leaving the crust on if the edges are going to be unbuttered and devoid of sprinkles. The crust no crust division was also brought up in the thread and I’m neutral about this one —you need to spread the bread properly though. You just do.

gracefulcygnus: Same! The crust is the best part. What kind of monster would throw those away?

wishitwouldrainaus: Me too! Needs better coverage tho. Its a bit light on the fairy part of the fairy bread.

auntynell: What about the edge of the bread? Butter the bread and press into a plate of hundreds and thousands rather than sprinkle.

tendies-primary: What monster made you eat then with the crusts on?

But like one user, LuxurySobriquet, said about this whole fairy bread disaster: It could be worse, it could be made with wholemeal bread.

Give us a shout in the comments if you agree or disagree. 

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