The Key To Remembering Your Car Spot Already Exists In Your Phone

The Key To Remembering Your Car Spot Already Exists In Your Phone

We’ve all been there – wandering aimlessly around what feels like a 500-story car park at some ungodly hour trying to work out where on Earth did you leave your car!? The good news is, your phone – yes, that flashing thing in your pocket – will actually remember your spot for you, taking all the pain and misery out of parking. 

Apps That Will Remember Your Car Spot

Google Assistant

how to remember car spotIf you’ve got Google Assistant on your iPhone, Android device or iPad, you’ve got yourself a personal valet service – kinda.

How To Geek suggests you start by giving Google Assistant access to your location. Next, you can say “Okay, Google” or “Hey, Google” to get the assistant open and listening, before stating “I parked here,” or “Remember where I parked.” 

Later, you can ask Google Assistant “where’s my car?” “where did I park?” or “Find my car’s location,” and this nifty little guy will open a map to navigate you to the location of your car. How to Geek states that the assistant will remember your parking spot for 24 hours, but if you want to remove it sooner, just tell the app “forget where I parked.”

Google Maps

Speaking of clever Google apps that will remember your parking spot, have you ever tried Google Maps? We’ve covered it in the past, and it still works a trick. All you have to do is open the Maps app, hit the blue dot that shows your location, and tap “set as parking location” Simple.

Use Your Camera

It might sound like an obvious one, but for those who are triggered by visual cues, taking a photo of your car spot is an easy way to remember where you parked. If you’ve parked in one of those boring grey carparks with no distinctive features, take a short video showing the cars and shops near you. 

The Notes App

how to remember car spotOnce again, an obvious choice, but whatever happened to keeping good old fashioned notes as reminders? Forget Post-Its and carrying around a paper and pen – all you need is an easily accessible notes app and some very descriptive language. Just keep in mind, typing out “next to black car with white number plate” and hoping that will help you find your car probably won’t work. 

Other Apps

Apart from all the fantastic apps you already have on your device, there are many you can download onto your phone that will remember your car spot. For Android users, Parked Car Locator and Find My Car – GPS Navigation are good options, while iOS users can opt for Bello Studios’ Find My Car with AR or Augmented Works’ Find Your Car with AR to escape the carpark sooner rather than later.


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