Use Your Phone's Camera For Smooth Travelling

Your mobile phone camera is a great time saver when you're travelling. Instead of having to write down anything you might need for future reference, just snap a photo. Take pictures to remember where you've parked, what your rental car looks like, and your hotel room number.

Photo by summitcheese

When you're travelling — especially if you're a frequent traveller — these details are easy to forget. Jason Womack, author of Your Best Just Got Better: Work Smarter, Think Bigger, Make More recommends using your phone's camera to remember your parking lot space number and parking structure floor, rental car and licence plate, and hotel room number. It may make the difference between wandering around a foreign parking lot and enjoying your travels.

Photographing your rental car has another obvious benefit — you can record any damage to the car before it takes off. Inspecting a car (and pointing out any existing problems) when you pick it up is a wise idea in any case, but having pictorial proof with a date stamp is also useful.


    been doing this for ages. Great for subways when you cant read the language. Take photo of the entrance name, so u know where to come back to, just show the photo to the ticket counter when u wanna go back.

    thanks lifehacker, would have never thought to take photos of things i want to capture or record

    Been doing this for years... even use it as a notebook for prices and product names in shops and as visual memory jog for things I need to do

    Only problem is if you lose the phone, haha!

    Old trick. but you'd be surprised how many people look at me like im a freak when I do this. "I'll get you a pen" "nope I have a camera" *stupid look*

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