You Should Be Using These 5 Google Chrome Plug-Ins

You Should Be Using These 5 Google Chrome Plug-Ins

Google Chrome is the world’s most popular web browser, commanding about two-thirds of the market. In addition to being a fast browser with great standards compliance, it’s also highly customisable and can be extended with free plug-ins. But first you need to find them. Here are five Chrome plug-ins you should have, but probably don’t.


Online tracking is big business and your browsing activity is a vastly valuable vault of data. (Just remember to whitelist the websites you want to support, which hopefully includes Lifehacker!)

Ghostery blocks ads and trackers, as well as giving you visibility of who is tracking your online activity. As ads are blocked, your browsing experience is accelerated. The ultimate plug-in.


HabitLab is an open source project by Stanford HCI, that deploys a series of interface interventions in your browsing to try to help reduce time wasted on Facebook, Youtube and other potential productivity sinks.

HabitLab does things like show a prompt before playing a long video, hide your newsfeed, or display a card telling you how much time you’ve spent on a particular time or service. You can set daily goals for maximum time spent on a site before interventions begin and monitor the time spent and saved.


You know the feeling. You see an interesting headline, start reading and after a few minutes you realise that the quick read you were contemplating is turning into a much longer effort.

Readism scans the page for articles and other readable content and tells you how long it will take to read them. It’s a simple idea that delivers a strong benefit.


We often forget that email is not a secure way of sending messages. FlowCrypt adds PGP security to Gmail.

FlowCrypt adds a Secure Compose button to Gmail and G Suite so you can send private PGP encrypted emails. Set up is easy and you can encrypt email for anyone, whether they have FlowCrypt, other email PGP, or no encryption at all. If they don’t have any encryption set up, you can encrypt your email or files with a password.


Got a lot of browser tabs open? Don’t want to close all those memory hogs? OneTab lets you save the addresses of all you open tabs as a single page of links.

OneTab convert all of your tabs into a list with a single click When you need to access the tabs again, you can either restore them individually or all at once.

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