6 True Crime Shows to Watch After Netflix’s Unsolved Mysteries

6 True Crime Shows to Watch After Netflix’s Unsolved Mysteries

Netflix’s latest true crime series, the Unsolved Mysteries reboot, has gained much popularity since its release. If you’re feeling a little disappointed about how quickly you raced through the series, you’re in luck — true crime anthologies are aplenty.

Don’t let anybody shame you for spending your nights getting through your long shame pile of shows. If true crime series are your standard go-to and you’ve just finished watching Unsolved Mysteries, try these shows out to fill the void.

The original Unsolved Mysteries

true crime unsolved mysteries robert stack
Robert Stack was the face of the original Unsolved Mysteries. Image: Buena Vista Television

It seems an obvious first choice but if you enjoyed the rebooted series, you’ll likely love the original. The series first hit screens in 1987 and produced nearly 200 episodes prior to the Netflix reboot. That means there’s plenty to chew through and there’s a chance there have been developments in any of those cases since then.

Where to watch in Australia: The first 12 seasons are on Amazon Prime Video and Tubi

Cold Case Files

cold case files
Image: Trifecta Entertainment & Media

Unsolved Mysteries isn’t the first time Netflix has rebooted an old, much-loved true crimes series. In 2017, it brought back a single season of Cold Case Files, originally aired in 1999 for a five-season run. As the name suggests, all the cases remain unsolved so there’s no neat conclusion at the end of each investigation.

Where to watch in Australia: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Tubi


true crime disappeared show
Image: Investigation Discovery

Similar to the above two entries, Disappeared focuses on unresolved mysteries — namely the disappearances of people. There are over 125 episodes to keep you occupied, including more recent seasons after it was also given a reboot.

Where to watch in Australia: Foxtel Now (two seasons), Amazon Prime Video (one season)

Buzzfeed Unsolved

buzzfeed unsolved
Image: Buzzfeed

If you liked how Unsolved Mysteries made a strange jump outside of the true crime genre to delve into an alleged UFO sighting, then Buzzfeed Unsolved is bound to interest you. Besides its focus on unsolved murders, the series also jumps into the rabbit hole of haunted places, supposed supernatural possessions as well as mysterious historical occurrences.

Where to watch in Australia: YouTube for free

The Confession Tapes

true crime the confession tapes
Image: Netflix

The Confession Tapes offers a slight twist to the true crime genre, focusing instead on closed cases where the convicted person has confessed but then backtracked. Each episode explores what led to the confessions and subsequent convictions, investigating whether they were the result of coercion.

Where to watch in Australia: Netflix

The Innocence Files

the innocence files
Image: Netflix

Rounding out the list is the other side of true crime series — what happens when you convict the wrong person? The Innocence Files looks at crimes where a conclusion is drawn too quickly or inaccurately, leading to the incarceration of an innocent person. It’ll remind you the importance of good investigative work to ensure the right person is left to face the consequences.

Where to watch in Australia: Netflix

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