Stop Your Glasses From Fogging With This Kind of Mask

Stop Your Glasses From Fogging With This Kind of Mask

Wearing a protective face mask is a crappy but necessary part of life right now — and that annoyance is perhaps strongest for wearers of glasses. The mere act of breathing (something that most experts consider to be quite important) shoots hot, wet air directly upward out of the mask and onto one’s glasses, rendering them entirely useless.

We recently tried out a few methods for preventing mask-induced lens fog, but found most of the common methods to be, well, not so good.

Some swear by sticking a tissue over the nose to catch the moisture, but that’s more of a temporary measure. The true hack is to simply buy a mask with a wire built into the bridge of the nose, which then allows you to cinch the top of the mask down and create a snugger seal against all your moist dragon breath. If you use one of these wired masks (in combination with the aforementioned flute breathing technique when you really get huffing and puffing), you’ll be in the clear. Just make sure your hands are clean before you cinch the nose piece down, and try not to mess with it too much once you’re out and about.

So, where can you find one of these fabled wired masks? I’m a big fan of the ones sold by Baggu, but it looks like there are tons of wired face masks available for sale on Etsy, too. (Hell, if you’re feeling crafty, you could even make your very own.) Readers, if you bought (or made) a wired face mask you love, share the link in the comments, please.

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