The Aussie-Made Bath Bombs and Candles You Need to Create the Perfect Bath

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Baths are fantastic stress relievers, particularly after a long, hard day. They relax muscles, moisturise your skin and help you refocus your thoughts. They’re made even better with a good bath bomb and candle set-up. If you’re looking at upping your bath game, there’s a bunch of stores you can support — including local Aussie businesses.

While retail stores like Lush and Dusk offer a range of products to try, local alternatives can often times be more creative, quirky and interesting.

Etsy has long been a place for creatives to gather and share their work — and it’s here you’ll find everything you need for the perfect bath. From Harry Potter-themed bath bombs to quirky novelty candles, here are a few of our favourite bath goods to try out.

Novelty bath bombs

There’s a bunch of awesome novelty bath bombs available on Etsy, including the delightful Harry Potter Sorting Hat bath bombs pictured above.

These bath bombs from creator FuzzlesBubbles are black raspberry and vanilla scented, and come with a fun surprise. Every bath bomb has a hidden colour inside designed to reveal which Harry Potter house you belong to. It’s a really nifty idea, and one that’ll make bath time a real treat.

If you’re looking to unlock the child inside, there’s also these fun shaped bath bombs that look like a rubber ducky, a doughnut or even a rainbow cupcake.

There’s also the wonderfully named ‘Man Bomb’ available for men who just don’t think bath bombs and candles are quite ‘masculine’ enough for them. A gift like this is an important reminder that bath bombs are for everyone.

Soaking salts and bath melts

Lavender and chamomile are the perfect bath time scents, and coupled with fragranced soaking salts and bath melts, you’ll absolutely be in heaven. There’s a bunch of really cool Aussie creators making body oils, scents, sprays and rubs — and they’re all worth checking out. ScrubbaBody’s products are handmade in Newcastle and feature a range of enticing scents.

SAVASNAAustralia is another Aussie company making awesome bath goods including milk bath soaks, body butter and more.

Floral bath bombs

Flower-infused bath bombs are the perfect companion for a nice, relaxing night. Not only do you get the calming benefits of a bath bomb, you’ll also have the added fragrance of sweet flowers to accompany you. Local seller SoapByTM is creating absolutely gorgeous-looking floral bath bombs on Etsy with lavender, rose and lilac just some of the scents on offer.

There’s also these adorable love heart shaped versions by LittleHomesteadSoap, as well as jasmine and rose-scented variants by Wildflowerbathbombs.

Novelty candles

Like bath bombs, you’ll also find plenty of quirky and cute novelty candles available online. For a darker theme, consider a realistic human skull-shaped candle from local creator blackrosescandles. There’s even a beautiful bird-shaped skull design available.

If you’re in the mood for something a bit lighter, 99FarmGiftShop offers very cute pure beeswax candles while TheHappyFolkStore has adorable dessert candles made in mason jars for sale.

There’s also these very cute bubble tea-themed candles, chrome personalised candles, birthday cake-style candles, punk-rock devil horn-themed candles and lovely winter time themed sets.

Alternatively, you can even find a bunch of creators on Etsy making lovely pop culture-themed goodies, from niche book-themed scents to Butterbeer and Dragon’s Blood-themed candles.

If you’re look at making your bath even more magical, check out this incredible amethyst candle holder from Sunsgold.

Etsy is a treasure trove of wonderful relaxation goods that’ll keep you warm, stress-free and totally blissful as winter approaches. Purchasing directly from local sellers also means you’re supporting Aussie creators who might be doing it tough in the wake of coronavirus.


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