Good News Folks, Aldi’s Announced Lift In Product Restrictions For Some Popular Items

It’s time to take a big sigh of relief: Aldi’s announced it’s lifting restrictions on some sought-after products and we’re rejoicing.

When the coronavirus outbreak hit Australia, the country was buckled down by panic buyers. The demand reached such highs that stores were forced to put limits on basic grocery items that you would always expect to see on shelves (but didn’t for a while there).

[referenced url=”” thumb=”×231.jpg” title=”Stop Panic Buying Toilet Paper, Australia Is Fine” excerpt=”With the outbreak of coronavirus, supermarkets have been emptied of a number of essential supplies but one is the most alarming — toilet paper. While no one wants to live through the world’s demise without a roll of loo paper, the reality is Australia’s not likely to run out of toilet paper any time soon. Here’s why.”]

But in some really good news, Aldi has announced on its website it’s lifting restrictions placed on the following products as of April 22: UHT milk, microwave rise, canned foods and sugar.

This comes after working closely with business partners over the last few weeks to ensure the restocking of these much-needed products.

However, limit purchases still apply to the following:

  • Toilet paper – 1 unit
  • Paper towels – 2 units
  • Tissues – 2 units
  • Dry pasta – 2 units
  • Flour – 2 units
  • Dry rice– 2 units
  • Hand sanitisers – 2 units
  • Eggs – 2 units
  • Liquid soap – 2 units

Just a reminder, the restrictions are placed on all product categories, regardless of brand, weight or variety.

For the time being, liquor restrictions also still apply:

  • Two cases of beer (based on 24/30 pk case)
  • Two cases of cider
  • Two cases of pre-mixed spirits
  • 12 bottles of wine (2x 6 pack cases)
  • Two casks of wine (not to exceed 10L in total)
  • Two bottles of spirits (not to exceed 2L in total)

The store continues to implement social distancing and safety measures such as placing floor markers and restricting the number of people that can enter at any given time.

[referenced url=”” thumb=”×231.jpg” title=”Aldi’s Announced Its Shopping Restrictions To Curb Panic Buying” excerpt=”Aldi has announced it’s joining Coles and Woolworths to curb panic buyers hoarding essential supplies during the coronavirus outbreak.”]


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