These Virgin Australia Flights Had A Confirmed Coronavirus Infection On Board

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Virgin Australia has published a list of flights where there was at least one confirmed case of coronavirus infection on board. Although the airline says they have contacted everyone who they believe was at risk of being infected it's important to know if you were on one of the affected flights, just in case. Here's the list.

Virgin Australia published this list and includes flights up until this past weekend.

Flight Number Departure Date Route
VA682 2 March 2020 Perth to Melbourne
VA1394 3 March 2020 Brisbane to Adelaide
VA811 3 March 2020 Melbourne to Sydney
VA800 4 March 2020 Sydney to Melbourne
VA7 4 March 2020 Brisbane to Los Angeles
VA2 5 March 2020 Los Angeles to Sydney
VA24 5 March 2020 Los Angeles to Melbourne
VA24 6 March 2020 Los Angeles to Melbourne
VA833 6 March 2020 Melbourne to Sydney 
VA516 7 March 2020 Gold Coast to Sydney
VA535 8 March 2020 Sydney to Gold Coast
VA2  9 March 2020 Los Angeles to Sydney
VA418 10 March 2020  Sydney to Adelaide
VA480 13 March 2020 Maroochydore to Sydney

If you were on one of these flights and exhibit any cold and flu-like symptoms:

  • Call the Coronavirus Health Information Line on 1800 020 080
  • If you are experiencing flu like symptoms and are concerned about your health, call the Healthdirect hotline on 1800 022 222


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