Cut Cinnamon Rolls With Dental Floss

The cinnamon roll is an honest pastry. Immediately, upon hearing its name, you know exactly what you are getting into. There is going to be cinnamon, and it is going to be rolled. Making cinnamon rolls requires a not-small number of steps, and one of those steps is cutting the one large roll of cinnamon roll into several smaller rolls of cinnamon roll. For this task, you should not use a knife, or even a pastry cutter. You should use dental floss.

Unlike knives and other blades, floss doesn’t smoosh the cinnamon roll. Instead of pressing down on the pastry, the floss slices from the outside towards the centre with a near-even pressure from all sides, giving your rolls a uniform, round shape. (It also works with finicky cheeses.)

To execute the manoeuvre, place your large cinnamon roll on a flat surface, and slide the floss under it halfway. Take both ends of the floss, cross them over the top of the roll, and pull on the ends to slice. Repeat the move, slicing each section in half, until you have 12 cinnamon rolls (or however many your recipe claims to produce). Unflavoured floss is the most versatile in the kitchen, but you could probably get away with cinnamon floss in this particular case.


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