Find Out When Your Samsung Phone Is Getting Android 10

Find Out When Your Samsung Phone Is Getting Android 10
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One of the annoyances of owning a non-Pixel Android phone is that you’re often a second-class citizen for major Android updates. Google might release a big new iteration of Android, but you’ll have to wait weeks (or months) for your manufacturer to customise it for your device. Luckily, if you’re a Samsung user, there’s a pretty easy way to see when (or if) you’re getting the next big Android update.

Well, two easy ways.

First, you can just take a peek at this Twitter post from XDA-Developers’ Max Weinbach, who is rightfully upset that his Galaxy Fold has to wait all the way until April of next year for Android 10—seven months after its September 2019 release.

Second, you can pull up the list yourself, which will allow you to check for changes to the release schedule. Start by launching your Samsung Members app. Look for a bell icon, as SamMobile reports, and tap on it to pull up a Notices section. (I don’t have a Samsung device to test this on, so we’ll have to trust SamMobile on this one.)

You should then see a roadmap for your country, if it’s available. And that “for your country” part is critical, as the roadmap can vary by location. You probably figured this out by now, as reports are trickling in that Galaxy S10s are already getting the Android 10 update—but it’s an international rollout, and you may have to wait your turn.

This Samsung Members app is also where you enroll for beta operating system updates, so keep that in mind the next time a new iteration of Android launches; you might be able to get in on the action even sooner, if you don’t mind a few bugs here and there.


  • Funnily enough, when i did this my S10 informed me an update was available, installed OneUI2 and now i cant swipe up to get access to my apps, had to enable the apps button in the home settings … (got it early because its a grey import ? )

    So OU2 doesn’t quite seem ready for prime time.

  • I updated about 10 days ago. Some advice, don’t do it!! Well, don’t do it if you use the following:

    1. Tap to Translate – this no longer works as it used to. Tap to Translate shows as being activated however, when it is activated and the bubble appears, it does not disappear automatically. So it just floats around getting in the way. Completely useless for me now.

    2. Samsung floating windows no longer work properly either – you have to back out of an app properly if it has been expanded from a floating window, if you don’t, the bubble remains on the home screen (minimized as such, but still annoying). Previously, the app disappeared from the screen completely. I would blame the app developers for this however the behavior is replicated across all apps, as an example, I use Samsung SMS service. Furthermore, the app close button is now obscured by the front camera (this is a Whatsapp issue), this only happens when the app is expanded from the floating window though. If the app is opened from the the app draw or home screen, it works perfectly.

    3. Below the keyboard there is now a huge black space that seems to be there to house a keyboard change button and a close keyboard button. This takes up valuable space on the screen and as I have found during the last 10 days, it takes some time to update muscle memory for the tapping of the space key.

    These are just the things that are annoying me at this point, those and the fact I know full well the first version of any software is generally rubbish.

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