Open And Close Chrome Tabs On Android With These New Shortcuts

Mobile browsers are better than ever, but they’re still cumbersome to use when compared to the desktop versions. Managing open tabs on Chrome, for example, is mindlessly easy on desktop but fiddly on mobile. Google has been making changes to the way tabs work on mobile over the past year, but the most recent update adds a new feature that makes opening and closing browser tabs much easier on Android devices.

Users can now long-press the URL bar to open a new quick-access menu with shortcuts to:

  • Close the current tab.

  • Open a new tab.

  • Swap to incognito mode.

The menu was previously unlockable by messing with the browser flags settings but is now available by default to all users. That said, you’ll need to upgrade to Chrome 78 for Android to use the new shortcut menu—check the Chrome app page on the Google Play Store to see if you need to install the new update.


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