The Most Popular ‘Job Perks’ In Australia

A new survey from recruitment agency Robert Half has revealed the most coveted “work perks” offered by Australian businesses. Popular benefits include flexible work conditions (with the ability to work from home), company-paid mobile phones and extra holiday leave. Here’s all the cool stuff you should be demanding from your employer.

With wage growth continuing to flat line around the country, an increasing number of Aussie businesses are relying on “work perks” to attract talented employees. These are additional employment incentives unrelated to the employee’s salary.

According to the latest Robert Half survey, 62% of Australian employees now consider non-salary related benefits to be more important than base salary when it comes to accepting a job offer. (Mind you, this shift in priority could have more to do with several years of wage stagnation.)

Additionally, 79% of employees would be more motivated to stay with an employer if they offered flexible working/remote working options. Interestingly, this was a more popular incentive than financial bonuses (62%.)

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Here’s a breakdown of the most popular non-salary benefits from the survey:

As you can see, flexible and remote work conditions were the most popular perk offered to workers followed by health perks like free gym memberships and flu vaccinations. (Having a needle jabbed in your arm to prevent you taking sick days off work seems like an odd incentive, but to each their own.)

Unsurprisingly, increased holiday allowance was also a popular choice. This is something Aussie employers are finally beginning to embrace, with some firms even offering “unlimited/” annual leave (provided you don’t take the piss, of course.)

If you don’t expect to get a pay rise any time soon, it might be worth requesting some of the perks above during your next appraisal. If they can’t afford to pay you more, at least they can make you a bit happier.

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[Via Business Insider]


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