How To Watch Greta Thunberg’s Testimony At The United Nations’ Climate Action Summit

How To Watch Greta Thunberg’s Testimony At The United Nations’ Climate Action Summit
Photo: Spencer Platt, Getty Images

On Tuesday, 16-year-old activist Greta Thunberg testified before the United Nations as part of the Climate Action Summit — and tore world leaders a new one.

“I shouldn’t be up here,” she said. “I should be back in school on the other side of the ocean. Yet you all come to us young people for hope. How dare you. You have stolen my dreams and my childhood with your empty words. And yet I’m one of the lucky ones.”

Thunberg continued her speech, criticising insufficient efforts to cut carbon emissions and prioritising “business as usual” over the existence of future generations. Her statements — and unrelenting glare aimed at President Donald Trump who popped by the summit for 15 minutes — have electrified social media.

Thunberg has become a leader in environmental activism in her own right; in 2018, her protest against climate change went viral and prompted this year’s Climate Strike, an effort by young people to demand change in the days preceding the UN’s Climate Action Summit.

If you want to watch Thunberg’s speech — and you absolutely should — PBS has her testimony in full on YouTube. (NPR also has a transcript of the speech, in case you can’t watch it.)

Meanwhile Trump, who more or less mocked Thunberg’s emotional call to action, apparently has other matters to attend to; on Tuesday, the president delivered remarks before the United Nations on matters of military power and globalism.


  • I, like most agree with Greta. So, what I would like to see brought to the forefront is that climate change has been brought on mostly by the billionaires. The billionaires who got rich of of oil fields, coal mining, cattle ranches, and tree lopping . These guys have the money to clean up their mess.

    The billionaires could start in Australia with the 30 billion dollars of coal we export each year :- Stop mining coal now, and the billionaires pay for the economic loss. This will drive up the world price of coal and make China use renewables.

    I would like to know what other Life Hackers can add to this, and how we can show the world just how much we can blame on big money, and how big money can fix the problem.

    • The moment we have nothing to lose, we’ll be free to take the actions we need to against Big Money. Until then, they’ll keep us having just enough – no matter how small – that we can’t afford to risk losing it.

        • Whats your solution?
          Shut down coal and then live in caves?

          Howbout you stay in school, find a new way of generating electricity, new batteries to store them in and save the world if you’re so worried about CO2, which it isn’t if you bothered to do some research

          Why don’t you campaign against real environmental issues that are directly caused by humans like plastic in the oceans and overfishing? Which Australia is mostly not responsible for

          • Power from renewables is cheaper than power from coal.

            It’s no longer “rocket science”.

            But I doubt climate change deniers will ever care.

          • Show me proof they are actually cheaper and not just subsidised like the nuclear industry was in various countries

            You’re still going to have to run coal or nuclear plants to cover what solar and wind does not provide, not to mention solar panels are not environmentally friendly to manufacture and how long the panels will actually last? There are issues with wind, but I prefer it over solar

            Hydroelectric is good, but there are limited places to put them, and they wont run if there are continued droughts as you predict, also will they be able to keep up with demand from immigration?

          • It is the the coal industry is subsidised. A quick google search will show you plenty of articles on coal versus renewables. Remember, the coal industry doesn’t factor the cost of having to build new factories in their costs.

            There is no need for coal or nuclear.

            A government that wants to do something could easily phase out coal over the next 15 to 20 years. That’s not the LNP.

          • Hi blyatsoft

            No time to fiddle-fart at school finding new ways. Big business was told, and they do nothing but pump more crap into our air. I say stop it now, stop the trucks from leaving the coal mines. There would be short term consequences, but the point here is STOP IT now.

          • OK, shut down coal and mining and then what?
            Wind and solar do not work 100% of the time, you can’t just shut down factories while you’re in the middle of fabrication
            You need coal or nuclear to supplement and keep things running constantly, how are you going to run those coal and nuclear plants if you shut down the mines?

            Do you know how much of the planet is currently running on coal? you want them to shut down their countries to make you feel better? How will those countries produce the goods that you are using right now to communicate on the internet? What do you think the people of those countries will do without electricity? What would you do without electricity?

      • How many failed climate predictions have to happen before you change your mind?

        How many climate models have to be proven wrong by actual observation before you stop the chicken little routine?×768.png

        Look at paleoclimatology and you will see that the climate changes on its own without human generated CO2 and we are well below danger limits

        Chill out!

        • Ah, the climate change denier, looking at one small piece of the puzzle, while ignoring what the data says, and while watching weather patterns change in front of them.

          Deniers of science, and deniers of climate change, will never accept the facts.

          • >looking at one small piece of the puzzle, while ignoring what the data says
            that is exactly what you did by ignoring ALL the evidence I raised in my post,

            for years, the global warming believers would handwave any cold weather that disproved that global warming was happening, they insisted that weather is short term and the climate trends will keep rising, and now they switch to calling it “climate change”, where they can cherrypick freak weather events, say it is the worst in 200 years and say it’s definitely because of humans, even though a similar freak weather event happened 200 years earlier before industrialisation, who is looking at a small piece of the puzzle?

            and now you ignore climate data to focus on the weather, which isn’t changing the way your ‘experts’ predicted, because they too are ignoring the evidence because they believe their theory overrides reality

          • And as a denier, you will forever ignore what scientists tell you.

            Temperature was predicted to increase, and it has.
            Weather patterns were predicted to change, and they are.
            Storms were predicted to get worse, and guess what?

            But as a denier, you will never accept the facts.

        • The climate will change irrespective of what you do. It is about the magnitude of it that we are talking about. Only a few degrees of change will affect you and the life you are currently enjoying. Over the whole earth lifetime, the change that is currently happening is minuscule but so is human civilisation for that matter.

          • Precisely, so shouldn’t we be building protected indoor greenhouses just in case the weather heats up or cools down unexpectedly? The climate has done this in the past on its own, and will do so again, regardless of human activity

            The charts I linked show that 2-6 degree temperature swings are normal and we are more likely to enter a new ice age, perhaps those antarctic blasts we keep getting for the past few years will get worse

    • Big money is a problem, but it is also because the market (i.e. all of us) is focused on cheap and easy stuff, at the detriment of everything else. Billionaires will become billionaires because we will choose the easiest option, and they will externalise things like sustainability, environmental concerns etc.
      We need people to change their habits, and governments to force changes in the economy.
      Greta’s comments on the fantasy of continual economic growth I think is the key issue here. We have been convinced by governments and other actors that growth is the be all and end all measurement we need to be maximising, but these days that isnt the case.

  • That girl has the guts to say what everyone knows deep down but is too coward to act on.

    Very well explained here @

    We are leaving the world to a bunch of balding white guys bent on selling mother nature to the highest bidder. Here in Australia, Mr Scott Morrisson claims that he will leave an economy for his kids. Well, what is an economy when you do not have a proper earth beneath your feet or your air is scorched and tainted by the fumes from your car. Anyway enough words. Time to act. Voting is the best way at this time.

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