Never Been In A Cyclone Before? Here’s How To Help Your Pets

Never Been In A Cyclone Before? Here’s How To Help Your Pets
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Tropical Storm Dorian is currently approaching Florida. It’s essential that residents are prepared, and many that have experienced storms before will be. But what happens if you’ve never been in a cyclone before? There are some essential ways you’ll need to prepare, including looking after your pets.

While you prep, you should also make a plan for your dog’s needs, too. On Twitter, one user shared a suggestion by way of Patriot K-Nine Training: To avoid the problem of walking your dog outside to relieve themselves, make a simple indoor bathroom. Hurricane conditions might spook your pet or endanger them if there’s flying debris.

All you’ll need to accomplish this is a kiddie pool and a few pieces of turf. Put the turf in the pool and place it in your garage or anywhere else safe, so that your dog can do their business without going outside.

“If possible, store the poop in small Ziploc-type bags & sprinkle baking soda under the sod to help control odour,” one user on Twitter added. “If you can fit the kiddie pool in a tent, even better!”

And if you choose to go outside, never let your dog off the leash. As Patriot K-Nine Training also recommends, get your pet microchipped now, in advance of any disaster, so you can be reunited in the event of an escape.

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