How To Get The Exclusive Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Wallpapers For Your Android Or iPhone

When new smartphones come out, I’m always jealous of their wallpapers — typically some gorgeous, exclusive backgrounds that you can’t simply download from the manufacturer’s website for your older device.

I’ve been playing around with the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+, and I’ve greatly enjoyed the “bubble aesthetic” Samsung uses for the device’s wallpaper. So much so, that it’s only fair that everyone else — Android and iOS users alike — get a shot at using these pretty ’papers for their devices’ home or lock screens.

To get started, download the wallpapers here. (Thanks, Android Tutorial!) Unzip the folders’ contents, and you’ll see 10 different files. Six images are the phone’s actual wallpapers, sized at 3040-by-3040 pixels:

You’ll also see four separate “DeX” wallpapers, sized at 1920-by-1920 pixels. In these, the bubble has been moved a bit on the image. If that bothers you, worry not; you’d normally only see these wallpapers when you’re using DeX, the incredibly useful application you can use to control your Galaxy Note 10 on your Windows or Mac.

Drop these photos onto your phone in whatever way best works for you—whether that’s dragging them into a folder, uploading them to a cloud service (or even something like Imgur) and re-downloading the individual files onto your device, et cetera. I threw the most interesting images up onto Google Photos, and then downloaded them onto my Pixel 3.

If you’re on Android, you might have slightly different steps for assigning a photo as your wallpaper (given how many different devices / UIs are out there). On my Pixel 3, I simply long-pressed my home screen, tapped Wallpapers, picked my downloaded wallpaper, and moved it around until it looked right on my device.

iOS users have a similar deal. Get the wallpaper on your device however you want — like a Google Photos download, for example.

Then, tap on Settings > Wallpaper, tap on “Choose a New Wallpaper,” and pick the downloaded file from All Photos or Recents.


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