How To Use Amazon’s Baby Wishlist

How To Use Amazon’s Baby Wishlist
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Wedding registries aren’t new but it seems expectant parents are getting in on the registry act. Amazon’s Baby Wishlist lets you create a list of items your friends and family can see and then choose from. Once they make a selection and pay, the goods are shipped directly to you, just in time for your bub’s arrival, baby shower or however else you celebrate the pending arrival of a new member of the human race. Here’s how it works.

Getting started

Sign in to your Amazon account and head over to the Baby Wish List. If you’re buying for someone, search for them using the Find a Baby Wishlist search or hit the Getting Started button to create your own list.

If you’re creating a list, you’ll need to provide an approximate arrival date for your child (the site caters for adoptions as well as births), decide how public you want to make the list and choose whether you want to receive discount offers and other marketing emails.

You can also create a co-owner for the list if you have a partner that you wish to share the list with.

Fill in the CAPTCHA, wait a few moments and voila!

Add your items

Browse Amazon and choose the items you want to add to your list. If this is your first child, Amazon will guide you through a checklist of commonly needed items. Or you can just be random and pick stuff out yourself.

Don’t stack the list with expensive items. Choose from a range of prices so your family and friends don’t feel awkward when they decide the $3000 pram is out of their budget.

Share the list

Once you’ve added a bunch of items to your Baby Wishlist, you can share it with your friends and family. If you made the list private, you’ll need to go into your list’s settings to make it more accessible.

You can either share the list directly over email using the link Amazon provides. Or you can use your social networks such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or WhatsApp.

Wishlists and registries are super handy. They make life much easier for family and friends who may struggle buying your a useful gift. And, if you have a specific preference in a product category with lots of options – do you know how many different types of pacifiers there are? – then you can ensure you get the items you really want.

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