Telstra’s New Plan Add-Ons: How Much Do All The Extras Cost?

Telstra’s New Plan Add-Ons: How Much Do All The Extras Cost?
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Telstra has completely transformed its phone business. Yesterday, it axed more than 1800 active plans and will now offer just four core options to consumers. However, customers can now tailor their plan with a variety of add-ons and extras, with hundreds of possible combinations to choose from. Here’s the full list of new options.

First up, here are Telstra’s new contract-free mobile plans for those who missed yesterday’s announcement:

Telstra’s new mobile plans:


    15GB data for $50 a month [clear]


    60GB data for $60 a month [clear]


    100GB data for $80 a month [clear]

    Extra Large:

    150GB data for $100 a month

(Click on the interactive table for the full list of inclusions.)

As you can see, Telstra has managed to whittle its lineup down to four core products, with prices starting at $50 a month. (This is significantly higher than Telstra’s previous entry-level plans, but the data cap now starts at a more generous 15GB.)

While the base plans are far fewer in number, Telstra now offers a wide range of optional extras for an additional monthly fee. Unfortunately, this includes features that were previously bundled into the cost of a plan, such as limited data roaming and international calls.

According to Telstra, this provides customers with more freedom on what they choose to pay for – if all you want is local calls and data, you can just grab the base plan and call it a day. On the plus side, most of the extras can be added or removed at any time, with no lock-in period beyond your monthly billing cycle.

Below you’ll find the full list of extras currently available to consumers and how much the cost. (The prices are identical regardless of the plan you’re on.)

Add On



Telstra StayConnected Advanced

StayConnected Advanced is a fast exchange and replacement service providing a backup plan for your mobile devices. If something happens to your mobile or tablet, we’ll get you up and running with a replacement one for a service fee. We’ll dispatch it by the next business day, and you can restore your backed up data via the StayConnected app.

$15 per month, 1 month minimum term. Find out more here

International Call Pack (Mobile)

Includes Unlimited calls and SMS from Australia to standard international fixed and mobile numbers in 20 selected countries.

$10 per month, 1 month minimum term. Every month added to your existing eligible mobile plan. Excludes premium, satellite and video calls.

Find out more including list of eligible countries here


Add Kayo to your Telstra bill.

Monthly subscription from $25/mth Find out more here

Foxtel Now

Enjoy the latest entertainment with Foxtel Now. If you’re an existing Telstra customer you can add it to your Telstra bill.

Monthly subscription from $25/mth. Find out more here


Binge on the same brilliant Netflix shows and unmissable movies without the hassle of a separate payment. Just add it to your Telstra bill.

Packages starting from $9.99 per month.

Existing Telstra personal post-paid service required. Subscription and data charges may apply. Find out more here

Telstra TV

Netflix, Foxtel Now, live sport and catchup TV. Only Telstra TV lets you stream it all and search across your favourite apps with one Wi-Fi remote

$9 per month, min cost $216 over 24 months (or can be purchased outright). Existing Telstra post-paid service required. Find out more here

Foxtel From Telstra

You’ll get a discount on your first 12 months when you add Sport, Movies or Drama.

Plus we’ll waive the $120 iQ Box fee if you stay connected for 12 months

Packages start from $29 per month with $0 standard install (New Foxtel from Telstra customers only) Min cost $348 if you stay connected for 12 mths. Pay out your iQ device repayments if you leave before 12 mths.

More packages found here

International calling from your home phone


Starting from $5 per month (included in selected plans). Find out more here

Wi-Fi Booster

Our Wi-Fi Boosters work with your Telstra modem to give you better Wi-Fi coverage in low-signal areas of your home or office

$192 outright RRP, or $8.00/mth over 24 months when you maintain a home internet plan (min cost $192 + plan charges).

Exclusive to Telstra home internet customers. Find out more here

Telstra Locator

Telstra Locator is a subscription-based service that uses Telstra Locator Tags and the Telstra Locator Network to help you find your things. You can attach the tags to your keys, your handbag and even your dog.

Telstra Locator Subscription $10 per month, plan (inc free starter kit for new subscribers), month to month – cancel any time. 


Find out more here

Telstra Smart Home

Control and monitor your home with Telstra Smart Home Kits

Kits start from $25/mth for 24 months ($15/mth device kit + $10/mth Cloud & Service plan).

Find out more inc minimum costs here

Telstra Platinum

Tech help. Online and on call

Services start from $10/mth, minimum 12 months subscription.

One off over the phone or in store services also available.

Find out more about both here.


Exclusive to Telstra Customers

Apple Music

Telstra customers can enjoy data-free music streaming of Apple Music, only with Telstra

Non-Apple radio stations and non-streaming use such as downloads,

video streaming and social interaction will attract data charges.

Fairplay policy applies. For use in Australia. Find out more here

Telstra Live Pass

Watch all AFL, AFLW, NRL Netball and Hyundai A-League games live, fast, and data free. Excludes NRL Grand Final and State of Origin Series. Live games are limited to a 7” viewing size.

If you’re a Telstra mobile customer you can watch Australia’s biggest sports live and on the go, worth $329.99.

Find out more here

If you want to add every single extra to your plan, you’re looking at an additional spend of more than $180 per month. With that said, there is some crossover in content which negates the need to buy everything – you don’t need Kayo if you get Foxtel, for example. Some of the extras, like Netflix, will also cancel out money you’re already spending elsewhere.

All in all, we think most customers will be slightly better off on the new plans, particularly when you factor in the absence of a 24-month contract and the ability to add and remove extras at any time. On the other hand, the absence of free international calling and data roaming is a bitter pill to swallow. On Telstra’s more expensive plans, this used to be included free of charge.

In addition to the above, Telstra is also offering a new range gadgets and accessories that you can pay off over 24 months. Available products include smart watches, headphones, smart speakers and even drones. As with smartphones, you will need to pay off the remainder if you choose to cancel your contract-free plan.

You can find out more about the new plans here.

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