The Secret To Living To 100+ [Infographic]

The Secret To Living To 100+ [Infographic]
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So you want to be a centenarian, eh? Unfortunately, the dumb luck of genetics plays a very big part. If you have a family history of cancer, poor blood flow or heart disease, you can basically forget it. Soz.

With that said, there are various lifestyle changes you can make, both big and small, which will help to extend your life expectancy considerably. This infographic spells out what you need to know.

The following infographic was put together by Best Health Degrees with an emphasis on ‘blue zones’ – the geographical areas where people routinely live to 100 and beyond. While you can’t change where you were born or who your parents are, it is possible to emulate the diets and lifestyle habits of these ‘blue zone’ populations.

The graphic also includes a bunch of generalised tips, such as doing a job you enjoy, maintaining close familial bonds, getting plenty of exercise and remaining positive. If you want to live to a ripe old age, these are the things you need to be doing. Check it out below.

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