'Sharia Law' Isn't What You Think It Is

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Video: The term “Sharia Law” gets thrown around a lot these days. But (as with most things), the people shouting on the internet and television are incorrect. So to clear things up, a group of Muslim Americans explain what Sharia law means to them.

We've teamed up with Smartypants Pictures to share the second season of The Secret Life of Muslims, a video series with a view on modern Islam you’re not getting on cable news. You can follow along with this series on Facebook.


    “a group of Muslim Americans explain what Sharia law means to them”

    In other words, like christians, they cherry pick to make themselves feel better about following an abhorrent philosophy.

      Well, this is the third time I've tried to comment on this story...

    It'd be great if you could show this video to the East Timorese and the gays and trans of Iran and the Christians of Sudan and oh yeah, to those "Easter worshipers" in Sri Lanka.

    Heck, show it to Muslims in Yemen and Syria.

    There's a reason why Asia Bibi (a Christian) and Rahaf Mohammed Alqunun (a Muslim) fled their Islamic countries of birth to the wonders of liberal Canada.

    But hey, keep smiling and keep making these videos.

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