The Cheapest Copies Of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice In Australia

It’s a new From Software game. And it’s launching on all major platforms simultaneously this time, too.

First of all: Sekiro is available on PC! I’m actually surprised by how many people on social media aren’t sure about that. Maybe it’s just because people are thinking it’s another Bloodborne-type scenario, or the PC versions of From Software games don’t launch at the same time as consoles, so they’ve never played a From Software game on PC.

Either way, you can get a PC copy come Friday. So that’s the first thing. Secondly, yes this game will be as hard as balls. That’s what I’ve heard from everyone who’s played it thus far. But did you really expect any different?

Most importantly: no online multiplayer to screw up your game. This is a fully solo game, with a properly working pause button and no need to worry about PvP hackers.

Let’s get into the price wars, starting on console.

PS4 / Xbox One

Here’s the scoreboard:

Amazon Australia competing strongly, as you’d expect, but The Gamesmen have made a huge play as well. They don’t have the scale or reach of some of the bigger brands, so they have to pick and choose what titles they fight hard for, and this is a great pick.

But if you’re after something nearby that you can grab, JB are doing a decent deal as well. Big W and Target really aren’t in the running this time around, and EB are doing EB things as per usual.


Here’s what you can expect to pay on PC:

Not as many offerings here as The Division 2 pre-launch, but The Gamesmen, Amazon Australia and JB are offering solid prices on all platforms, which is a positive. For a deeper look into the game’s gameplay, here’s some B-roll footage from Paul and Chris a little while ago.


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