iPhone XS Vs Galaxy S10: Which Phone Has The Best Deal?

iPhone XS Vs Galaxy S10: Which Phone Has The Best Deal?

There’s one eternal question asked about every new Android device: how does it compare to the iPhone? Unsurprisingly, this also holds true for Samsung’s Galaxy S10. Is it a better phone than the iPhone XS? Both phones are great devices for different reasons, but what about in terms of cost?

To start, these are the outright prices for the base level models:

  • 128GB Galaxy S10e: $1199
  • 128GB Galaxy S10: $1349
  • 128GB Galaxy S10+: $1499

The Galaxy S10 family is consistently cheaper when it comes to outright pricing and has twice as much storage. That’s a clear win. However, buying a phone on a 24-month contract can change the cost of a device significantly. Telco math is weird.

And we get it – there are plenty who picked sides in the iPhone vs. Android debate years ago. This goes out to the OS agnostics and bargain hunters looking to get the most phone for as little money as possible, so here’s how Samsung and Apple’s latest compare when it comes to plans.

Galaxy S10e and iPhone XR plans

Given the iPhone XR and Galaxy S10e are almost identical in terms outright pricing, it shouldn’t be too surprising that prices are fairly similar on a contract. You’ll pay $85 per month for a Galaxy S10e on Optus with 20GB of data, or $87 per month for an iPhone XR on the same plan. If you look at Telstra’s 50GB plan, you’ll pay $109 per month no matter which phone you’re after.

Galaxy S10 and iPhone XS plans

The Galaxy S10 might be the newer phone, but it’s cheaper than the iPhone XS on a plan no matter which telco you’re looking at. For example, on Optus you’ll pay $90 per month for a 128GB Galaxy S10 with 20GB, or $102 per month for a 64GB iPhone XS on the same plan.

The difference in price gets a little smaller when you look at higher inclusion plans, but you’ll still pay more for an iPhone XS across the board. If you’re looking at the cheapest plans here, $105 per month gets you a Galaxy S10 on Optus with 200GB, or $110 per month will buy you an iPhone XS with the same amount of data.

Galaxy S10+ and iPhone XS Max plans

The story isn’t too different when you’re looking at Galaxy S10+ plans and iPhone XS Max plans. When comparing like-for-like, you’ll typically pay around $15 more per month if you’re after Apple’s latest and greatest on a contract. In this case, the differences don’t really get much smaller when you add more data.

Alex Choros is Managing Editor at WhistleOut, Australia’s phone and internet comparison website.


  • Questions: My daughter may be traveling from the US to Australia. We have a phone plan option that offers either of these phones free but I’m more curious about functionality once she is there. We will most likely need a roaming package but I’m not sure how that would look. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks!

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