How To Keep Your Air Conditioner in Tip Top Condition

How To Keep Your Air Conditioner in Tip Top Condition

This summer is going to be a scorcher and Australians will no doubt be cranking up their air conditioners to survive the heat. But a poorly maintained air conditioner could result in a machine that can barely cool the air while it chews up a ton of electricity. Here are some tips to help you keep your air conditioner healthy.

According to Mitsubishi Electric, if your air conditioner operates with unclean filters or heat exchangers, the power consumption increases dramatically. The company also have the following tips to offer:

  • The heat exchanger will get dirty over time and become clogged. If left uncleaned, the cooling capacity decreases and it will also damage the fan motor or the compressor. This area of your air conditioner needs a mandatory annual cleanout if you want to save money and keep cool over the years
  • Plasma Filters can become blocked and need a regular monthly clean when being used frequently so that the air conditioner is most used and well as the indoor units and Grilles
  • Condensate drains need to be checked for blockages before the weather warms up
  • Don’t forget to replace the batteries in your remote controls either.

By doing regular checks, many air conditioner malfunctions can be predicted to some extent and be rectified. That means you won’t have to experience unexpected failures on a 40 degree day.

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