Inside The Warmest 100: How These Guys Predicted Australia's Biggest Music Countdown

Every year on Australia Day, it is a cultural tradition that folks from around the nation gather around their barbecues, eskies and pools to listen to the Triple J Hottest 100 countdown. Voted by the listeners, the Hottest 100 is the premier music countdown in the country, and when Triple J added social sharing features for voters to share their picks, four guys figured out they could track the countdown. This is how those guys went from being ordinary developers to the Nate Silvers of Australian music, picking 92 out of the 100 tracks.

The genius developers behind the Warmest 100 sat down with Download This Show to reveal their secrets, including how they built the list, how many they got right and what Triple J can do next year to stop the countdown from being leaked by these music fans turned big data developer gurus.

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