What’s The Messiest Time You’ve Been Broken Up With?

What’s The Messiest Time You’ve Been Broken Up With?

Breakups are hard and some can hurt more than others. Even after a long time the pain from a breakup can still feel raw and sting the soul. Whether it was your high school crush or long distance partner relationships can end up pretty messy. Just how and when the break up occurs though can have a lasting effect.

As far as getting dumped goes, I don’t have any particularly juicy stories. I was broken up with over the phone, which shouldn’t be allowed after high school but here we are, and I’ve been ghosted a few times since. I’ve also done a fair amount of ghosting myself, I’m somewhat ashamed to say. Other budding relationships have simply fizzled out, more with a whimper than a bang (or rather, a text message not responded to. So many texts not responded to.).

What about you? What was the messiest time you were broken up with? On your birthday? On Valentine’s Day, like people on this Twitter thread? We’re burning to know.

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Remember, bad dates can always get worse.