The Secrets To Getting A Border Force Officer Job

The Secrets To Getting A Border Force Officer Job

As you’ve probably seen on the TV show Border Security, the Australian Border Force (ABF) plays a key role in protecting our country’s border.

The ABF has one mission at its core and that is to protect Australia’s border while enabling legitimate travel and trade.

The Secrets To Getting A Border Force Officer Job

In partnership with the ABF, Australia’s frontline border law enforcement agency. Applications are now open for the 2018-19 Border Force Officer Recruit Traineeship (BFORT). Find out more here.

As part of its vision to be a global leader in border law enforcement, it runs an annual recruitment drive to hire trainees who can help build a safe, secure and prosperous Australia.

If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to become a Border Force officer, we’ve got all the information you need to land a spot on the coveted trainee program.

About The ABF

The Australian Border Force is a high-performing team that collaborates with other law enforcement agencies using the latest technologies.

Its duties stretch all over Australia, keeping the border secure across air, land and sea — including air and seaports, remote locations, mail and cargo centres and Australia’s extended maritime domain.

That means most employees work in a variety of roles across key environments and locations, bringing new challenges and a strong work/life balance. There are even some ABF officers who work overseas.

Career development is at the forefront and those on the Border Force Officer Recruit Traineeship (BFORT) build their skills and knowledge with on-the-job and educational training.

A border law enforcement career can really take you anywhere and the ABF is now looking for new recruits.

The Secrets To Getting A Border Force Officer Job

What They Are Looking For

The good news is that the Border Force Officer Recruit Traineeship (BFORT) is entry-level, so you don’t necessarily need previous experience.

However, as with most training programs, it’s competitive to get in, so you’ll need certain attributes to stand out to recruiters as an exceptional individual.

To start with you’ll need to be 18 years or older, an Australian citizen and able to attain and maintain security clearances and medical, fitness and psychometric standards.

Beyond that, recruiters highlight professionalism and integrity as key attributes of becoming an officer, so any experience you have that points to those skills is sure to work in your favour.

Critical thinking and reasonable judgement are also essential qualities that all officers need, as well as an appetite for developing your career since the ABF deploys uniformed officers to various roles and locations.

The Secrets To Getting A Border Force Officer Job

The Traineeship

Successful applicants will complete a 12-month BFORT program, which is designed to prepare recruits for a successful career with the ABF.

You’ll complete a mix of classroom-based training at an ABF College campus and on-the-job training.

New recruits are paid to train, usually in their nearest or preferred capital city. Once complete, you officially graduate as an APS3 Border Force Officer.

BFORT graduate Sana said the best part of being in the program was that no two days were the same.

“We can never predict who we will meet, what we might see or what we might find,” she explained.

“My experience in the BFORT program was exciting and challenging — the most interesting part of the course was the opportunity to work in multiple areas of the ABF.

“It allowed me to experience and put in practice what we learnt in training and made me appreciate the amount of hard work in our fast-paced operational environments.

“If you’re prepared and willing to step out of your comfort zone, you’ll find an amazing career with the ABF.”

You can find out more about the Australian Border Force Officer Recruit Traineeship (BFORT) here.