A Day In The Life of A Border Force Officer

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Always dreamt of a career in law enforcement, but not sure what it’s really like? We chat with Stasi about why he chose the Australian Border Force, and just what it takes to protect our border.

Today, I am on morning shift in the arrivals hall at Melbourne International Airport, and my shift starts at 5am.

When I arrive, I find that the first flight has landed 10 minutes earlier than expected, so the day is off to a busy start immediately with a full jumbo of passengers already waiting for us to clear them. There are about 3000 people expected into the airport over the next few hours. My job today involves verifying the authenticity of the travel documents, matching the passenger's identity to the documents, and dealing with any irregularities.

Tomorrow I might be on shift in the baggage hall. I might be inspecting passenger’s luggage and conducting x-rays and testing to ensure they are not in possession of dangerous weapons, illicit substances or prohibited goods – things that put our community at risk.

My job as an officer with the Australian Border Force (ABF) means I get to interact with hundreds of passengers from all around the world, every day. That’s one of the things I love most about my job – I get to meet such great travellers.

I joined the ABF in 2015 and it’s a fantastic environment to be in. I’m really proud that I get to make a real difference and help protect the community. The work is challenging and diverse, and I learn something new every day.

The training includes six months of classroom-based training at the Sydney ABF College, where you learn about legislation and powers, passenger processing, search, detection and seizure processes. It’s a pretty intense process, but I had a great support structure around me with great trainers and a team that’s going through the same experience.

Following that you’ll be posted to your work location, and complete a further six months learning on the job. That’s where the real fun starts. You’ll be working with real travellers, in real environments and dealing with situations as they come to hand.

You won’t ever be alone though. You’ll have a supportive team, who have lots of experience and can help you. You’ll be assessed throughout and you have to complete a workbook, which your supervisors check.

I’m two years into my career now, but I feel like there are endless opportunities ahead of me as the ABF offers such a variety of operational environments and career development. I could end up in the mail gateway facility, air cargo or even shipping and maritime. I could work anywhere in Australia, or even in one of the ABF’s international post locations.

If you’re interested in a career in law enforcement, definitely consider the ABF. It’s fun, it’s challenging, and it’s really rewarding.

The Australian Border Force is looking for agile, driven and dedicated men and women to become Border Force Officers and help protect Australia. Applications are open now. If you think you’ve got what it takes, visit the Australian Border Force website and apply now.

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