Cold Brew Is Your Morning Hero

Photo: Danielle MacInnes, Unsplash

Mornings can sometimes be too busy to make — or even grab — a coffee, or perhaps the weather doesn't suit drinking a piping hot cup of java. This is where cold brew comes in.

Add A Little Lemon Oil To Your Iced Coffee

If you wish to add a little pep to your iced coffee while keeping it refreshing, you should grab a strip of lemon peel.

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Cold brew is great several reasons, the main one being that the coffee is already brewed. It can also be served hot or cold (just dilute with hot or cold water, and it's great with milk), which means you can please both normal people who like hot coffee in the morning and weirdos like me who drink iced coffee even if it's hailing outside.

The best part is you can make it yourself easily — all you need is a decent-sized container in which to brew the coffee, and ground beans (the supermarket stuff is perfectly fine).

Classic Hacks: Making Your Own Cold Brew Coffee

Summer is behind us, but I suspect more than a few warm days are in store for us on the march through autumn. You know what's great on hot days when you need a caffeine hit? Cold brew. Back in 2013, I wrote about making your own at home and although the process hasn't really changed, I do have some updated thoughts.

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