We’re All Big Fat Liars When It Comes To Job Interviews, Apparently

We’re All Big Fat Liars When It Comes To Job Interviews, Apparently
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Have you ever lied in a job interview? Do you think it’s okay to lie in a job interview? Turns out it’s a lot more common than you’d think, or at least than you’d want if you’re a hiring manager, with 41 per cent of Aussies saying it’s cool to lie in an interview.

Face it: I think we’ve all ‘polished the truth’ in job interviews, just enough to give ourselves that competitive edge over fellow interviewees. Only they were probably lying a little too.

According to the SEEK survey that unearthed this data, however, not all job applicants lie equally – some of us are far more upstanding than others.

For example there’s a clear gender divide in this segment: men are more likely to think it’s okay to lie, with 48 per cent saying it’s acceptable, while only 32 per cent of women agreed that it was. It’s good news if your interviewer is a man, at least.

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The younger generations are also apparently less trustworthy, with 54 per cent of 18 to 14 year olds thinking lying is okay, compared to only 24 per cent of 55-64 year olds. Hey, don’t blame us. We have a tough job market to deal with here.

If you’re currently horrified by the idea of all these lying young men in job interviews, never fear. The number one topic that people lie about (or admit to lying about) in interviews is actually pretty innocuous in the scheme of things: Salary.

What’s a little white lie if it gets you a nice financial leg up in your next job, right?

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Do you think it’s okay to lie in job interviews? Let us know in the comments!


  • With the job I do, any claims need to be backed up with evidence, so lying aint gonna happen. You haven’t been able to waltz in and bullshit your way to a promotion for decades.

    The bigger problem is with the application, which overly relies on trendwords and claims you don’t always need to prove. Put the pretty words in is more important than the example used.

    So for many, its harder to get the actual interview than to get the promotion once there as they’re dodging professional application writers who don’t have near the same level of experience. That’s where the deceit happens in my job, not the interview itself.

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