Three ‘Minor’ Medical Conditions You Need To Declare Before Travelling

Three ‘Minor’ Medical Conditions You Need To Declare Before Travelling
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While some travel insurers have a list of pre-existing medical conditions they automatically cover, you should always disclose every part of your medical history – even if you don’t think something is important enough to declare. Failing to disclose this information can result in a travel insurance claim being turned down.

Below are three pre-existing conditions that often go undisclosed, which could impact the validity of your travel insurance policy.

Note: These disclosure tips come from TICK travel insurance which enables customers to declare medical conditions online. (You can currently get ten per cent off plans through Lifehacker – details below.)

Mole Removal

Three ‘Minor’ Medical Conditions You Need To Declare Before Travelling

There’s nothing worse than a suspicious looking mole. Most people have them checked and then removed, whether it’s for cosmetic reasons or to discourage development of melanoma. Either way, having a mole removal procedure should be disclosed to your travel insurer.

Unusual growth or a change in an existing mole can prove to be malignant melanoma requiring extensive treatment. The moment your GP refers you to a dermatologist, you should inform your insurance company so they can assess the risk you pose, keeping in mind you most likely won’t be covered while waiting for test results.

Broken Bones

Three ‘Minor’ Medical Conditions You Need To Declare Before TravellingImages: Getty Images

If you have had a fractured or broken bone such as an arm or leg, you will need to disclose this to your travel insurer before you go. Even old breaks that have been treated and healed can cause chronic issues down the road.

Having metal plates and screws or undergoing joint replacement could complicate future breaks or medical conditions, requiring more extensive treatment should you require it during your travels. This presents a greater risk for higher medical treatment costs, and therefore is why your insurer will want to be made aware of previous broken bones.

Food Allergies

Three ‘Minor’ Medical Conditions You Need To Declare Before TravellingImage: Getty Images

One of the best things about travelling is trying different foods from around the world, but considering food intolerances are one of the most common medial conditions, it is something you need to declare.

Other than getting coverage for food allergies, you should also ensure you have an adequate amount of medication for your holiday – plus some more, in case of delays. Also, don’t forget to inform your airline!

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No matter how big or small your condition let this be a small reminder to declare all your conditions prior to travel. If you’re travelling soon, please don’t forget to declare all conditions to your insurer.

Some insurers such as TICK travel insurance consider pre-existing medical in top levels of cover and enable customers to declare medical conditions online. To get a quote from TICK travel insurance, click here and mention the promocode ‘HACK10’ to save 10% off your policy. Offer ends: October 31.

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