How To Choose Expensive Wine

How To Choose Expensive Wine

Video: If you are well acquainted with someone by the name of “Two Buck Chuck”, you probably think any wine over $15 is a scam.

But there’s a lot that goes into determining a wine’s price. Sure, money doesn’t grow on vines, but there can be big differences between a $15 bottle and a $70 bottle. Jake Cahill of Vanderbilt Wine Merchants shows a few examples that are worth the steep price tag.

Both of the wines showcased come from small, specific wine regions known for doing one thing well. Plus, since they are full-bodied, high-tannin reds, they can age for many years. Thus, their older vintages (2009 LOL) make them a rarity. Even the hardest-to-impress in-laws would be swayed by selections such as these.

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